Max Scherzer Inexplicably Steals Second Base

Published on 10-Apr-2018 by Raoul Duke

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Max Scherzer Inexplicably Steals Second Base

The already impressive resume of Max Scherzer just added another bullet point.

The Washington Nationals ace actually stole second base against the Atlanta Braves.

This is noteworthy because Scherzer has never once done this in a regular-season MLB game.

Of course, the three-time Cy Young Award winner also shut out the Braves in complete game fashion, but that's become almost routine.


Let's get back to his base stealing antics.

Here's the nimble Scherzer performing the larceny in question:


Well, that's really embarrassing.

Perhaps in the future, Braves pitcher Peter Moylan will shoot a cursory glance over at first base so the runner doesn't get a walking lead, even if that runner is not a perceived threat.


This is Mad Max's sixth National League season, so this stolen base took some time to accomplish.

But he's finally done it, a fact not lost on his manager.


That's wonderful.

What's next for Scherzer, you may be wondering.

Well, perhaps he could get caught stealing, because that's never happened, either.

We wait with bated breath.