Matt Kemp Completely Owns Archie Bradley

Published on 3-Sep-2018 by Raoul Duke

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Matt Kemp Completely Owns Archie Bradley

The Arizona Diamondbacks ran into quite the late-inning buzzsaw over the weekend in LA.

Most of the carnage came courtesy of one Matt Kemp.

The former and current Dodger won two consecutive games with his clutchiness, victimizing poor Archie Bradley on both occasions.

The Arizona reliever may have only soiled himself metaphorically this time, but it was every bit as embarrassing.


On Saturday night, Kemp did the following to Bradley:


Yeah, that was definitely a three-run jack in the eighth inning, providing the winning margin for the Dodgers.

But wait, there's more.


The very next night, Kemp violated Bradley yet again, this time with a walk-off two-run double:


That's brutal, for the D-backs and the probably traumatized Bradley.


Meanwhile, the first-place -- for now -- Dodgers are just a big bag of smiles.


Baseball can be a cruel mistress.