Marking Time: Marlins Prez Wants Games Shorter Than Ticket Queue

Published on 25-Mar-2014 by Xavier McSpaniel

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Marking Time: Marlins Prez Wants Games Shorter Than Ticket Queue

Marlins President and all-round goodwill builder David Samson wants shorter games, not for himself or the tortured home broadcasters.

He wants them for the poor bastards in the bleachers.

"Pace of game is about our fans," Samson said. "It's very much a TV issue and an in-game-experience issue. No one is complaining about pace of game where it goes 12 innings and it's 3 hours and 20 minutes and it's a 5-4 game. That's not the issue. If it's a 3-1 nine-inning game that goes 3 hours and 12 minutes, that's not enjoyable."

True enough. However, the Marlins already play at a speed quicker than A-Rod covering up a deposition.

Courtesy of Stats LLC, tilts at Marlins Park in 2013 lasted a time spanning 'Groupon', which tied with the Kansas City Royals for second quickest in the Show, behind Toronto's 'Yes They Can'. Houston was slowest at 'Kill Me Now'.

"Often from players you hear, 'I don't realize I'm doing that.' Or, 'Does what I do really matter?'" added Samson. "I'll tell the player, 'I agree, your 10 seconds in the scheme of things is nothing. But a locker over and two lockers over and six lockers over, it's all 10 seconds ..."

Hey, at least it's less than the 15 seconds Samson had on 'Survivor'.