Manny Machado Is Really Good at Baseball

Published on 19-Aug-2017 by Raoul Duke

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Manny Machado Is Really Good at Baseball

Yeah, that was pretty impressive.

Manny Machado got off to something of a slow start to the season.

However, things appear to be just fine now.

The Orioles infielder had himself a night against the Angels recently, blasting three homers and driving in seven runs.

Yes, that is a full night's work.

Those numbers are obviously silly, but it's the dramatic nature of his third homer that'll be remembered.

It was, in fact, a walk-off.


As you can see, that was not your garden-variety walk-off.

That was a grand slam.

Dude made a little history, as well.

And here are the other two, just for giggles and farts:

Good times.