MadBum Tees Off on Kershaw

Published on 22-May-2015 by Trent Jackson

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MadBum Tees Off on Kershaw

Now, that was a true pitcher's duel!

World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner and 2014 NL MVP and Cy Young Award winner Clayton Kershaw are arguably the two of the best chuckers in baseball right now.

As rivals in the NL West, this pair of aces has already three tête-à-têtes so far in the 2015 season. The most recent came yesterday in That City by the Bay for the finale of a three-game set.

With those two in the spotlight, a dramatic moment or two was virtually a given, but few could have predicted this happening:

So much for a leisurely stroll right down Broadway. That was the first of the Giants' four runs, completing their shutout-sweep of the first-place Dodgers.

It was a case of ... ahem ... the MadBum blistering the Bums.

austin powers oh behave gif Mike Myers

In case you weren't able to see Kershaw's reaction, and sparing no expense, we had a professional actor put a fine point on it:

Andy Dwyer

Sidebar: Were Kershaw and Chris Pratt separated at birth?

While that's the first time a pitcher ever went yard on Kershaw, it shouldn't come as too big of a surprise that Bumgarner would do it. Last year, dude hit a totally respectable .258 with four bombs.

And, after earlier miscues this season, the Brotherhood of Full-Service Pitchers needed that dinger.

Perhaps Bumgarner got a copy of the St Louis Cardinals' hitting approach to the Dodger southpaw.

The three-game sweep pulled San Francisco within 1½ games of Los Angeles. Now, if the sputtering San Diego Padres would only live up to their pre-season hype, maybe James Shields could lug a little lumber and make a difference, too.