MadBum Don't Need No Stinkin' DH

Published on 1-Jul-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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MadBum Don't Need No Stinkin' DH

By all account, negotiations for the next MLB collective bargaining agreement are refreshingly vanilla.

There are pockets of calls for a few rule changes, one of which is bringing designated hitters to the National League.

Maybe that's why NL pitchers have spoken with their sticks.

And leading that charge is the ol' slugger hizzownself, Madison Bumgarner:

No one doubts anymore that dude knows what he's doing up there. The numbers look impressively hitter-ish:

Underscoring the campaign that if God wanted a DH, He wouldn't have rested on the seventh day, Bumgarner is now making noise that he should be in this year's Home Run Derby.

But, alas, it's not gonna happen.

MadBum HR Derby nix

Et tu, MLBPA?