Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Wallets: Bovada Releases Props for 2013 Season Win Totals

Published on 21-Feb-2013 by J Square Humboldt

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Wallets: Bovada Releases Props for 2013 Season Win Totals

The surest sign of spring is when the oddsmakers start listing their props for the upcoming season. Here is how Bovada sees the final standings when the dust settles at the end of September:

AL East   AL Central   AL West
New York Yankees 88.5   Detroit Tigers 92.5   Los Angeles Angels 92.5
Toronto Blue Jays 87.5   Chicago White Sox 80.5   Texas Rangers 86.5
Tampa Bay Rays 86.5   Kansas City Royals 78.5   Oakland Athletics 83.5
Boston Red Sox 82.5   Cleveland Indians 76.5   Seattle Mariners 77.5
Baltimore Orioles 78.5   Minnesota Twins 67.5   Houston Astros 59.5
NL East   NL Central   NL West
Washington Nationals 92.5   Cincinnati Reds 91.5   Los Angeles Dodgers 91.5
Atlanta Braves 88.5   St Louis Cardinals 85.5   San Francisco Giants 87.5
Philadelphia Phillies 83.5   Milwaukee Brewers 81.5   Arizona Diamondbacks 81.5
New York Mets 74.5   Pittsburgh Pirates 77.5   San Diego Padres 74.5
Miami Marlins 63.5   Chicago Cubs 72.5   Colorado Rockies 71.5

The story lines are set. Among them:

  • There's not much faith in the Pirates snapping their 20-year streak of losing seasons.
  • Toronto's mega-trade with Miami and other roster moves may not produce the happiness that Yankee money buys.
  • Speaking of the Yankees, did their win projection go up because Alex Rodriguez will miss much of the season?
  • Speaking of money, with a payroll north of $214million, the Dodgers are projected to spend $2,349,727 per win.
  • Is Josh Hamilton worth a 10-win swing? Last year, Texas won four more games than the Angels. (And yes, Zach Greinke might have something to do with this number, too.)

It also appears that Kansas City is considered to be the surprise of the season, as Bovada's oddsmakers look for a six-win improvement out of them. Given the prospects they traded to Tampa Bay, they had best hope for at least that sort of gain.

There will surely be more surprises than that. Just ask the Orioles and Athletics of last year. The game now is to find them.