Kansas City Kicks Its Way into the World Series

Published on 15-Oct-2014 by J Square Humboldt

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Kansas City Kicks Its Way into the World Series

In 1985, Ned Yost had seen the writing on the wall.

His season with the Montréal Expos had lasted only five games. The backup catcher who came up with the Milwaukee Brewers in 1980 realized the only way he'd stay in the game was to become a coach.

And he probably realized it while sitting at home. On a couch. Watching the World Series.

History was made on more than one front.

  • The Royals became the first AL expansion team ever to win a World Series title;
  • St Louis Cardinals speedster Vince Coleman became the first and only player to be eaten by a tarp machine; and
  • Don Denkinger secured a place in baseball infamy by hastening baseball's need for instant replay on not-close-at-all calls; it only took 29 years to implement it, which is light-speed in the baseball world.

Little did Yost know that after a long tutelage under Atlanta's Bobby Cox, a quirky run in Milwaukee, and nearly four seasons in Kansas City of securing his reputation for bizarre decisions, he'd be the dude to lead the Royals to the World Series again.

During Kansas City's improbable eight-game post-season winning streak, Yost has been rolling sevens with those decisions. But the weird remained wonderful for his Royals, like how the winning run scored to seal the sweep of Baltimore:

The ultimate coincidence would be for Kansas City to face St Louis, but the San Francisco Giants still have a say.

That's one post-season choice out of Nedley's control. He's probably fine with that.