Jackie Bradley Jr Makes Yet Another Impossible Grab

Published on 31-Jul-2018 by Raoul Duke

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Jackie Bradley Jr Makes Yet Another Impossible Grab

We're treated to fabulous MLB glovework on a nightly basis.

But this was something else.

Jackie Bradley Jr has amassed a comically good portfolio of catches during his tenure in Boston.

But this just might be his masterpiece:

Please try not to gawk.


The crowd at Fenway stopped being completely stunned just long enough to give the dude a standing ovation.

That was quite simply a gorgeous catch.

The athleticism necessary to make such a play is nothing short of miraculous.


Indeed, our lives are forever changed in a deep and profound way.

See if you can handle this beautifully rendered Bradley defensive compilation:


It's like he can see our soul.


Anyway, let's just continue to enjoy this portrait of the artist as a young ballplayer.