Giants Diary: Numerology Points towards Seventh Heaven; Assures Division Championship

Published on 1-Jun-2013 by Spock1

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Giants Diary: Numerology  Points towards Seventh Heaven; Assures Division Championship

Baseball is all about numbers.

The San Francisco Giants' numbers add up to a bunch of Lucky 7’s. According to an infallible source, they predict that the NL Western Division Championship of 2013 is as good as theirs! And as fans know, “there can be only one” divisional champ.

Here’s the divination-al scoop ... a late mystic; communicating from the other side, has interpreted the incontrovertible evidence. In an exclusive visitation with the Daily Player’s crack séance team, the Great Carnac, sharing his wise council (no, not Craig Counsell!), communicated from beyond (o) the veil.

The séance was held at a DoubleTree Inn in Stockton (because Lord knows they need the business!). The communication was accomplished by tapping out Morse code on a table, where sat the Panel of Seven. Another seven unbiased independent third party witnesses, while observing from a respectful distance, authenticated this gathering.

Carnac intimated what the fortuitous alignment of the assortment of Lucky 7’s has indicated. His prediction is considered by acknowledged experts to be absolutely authentic and accurate.

Barry Zito, after years of being the goat, has suddenly become the Giants lucky star. He now heads the list of baseball players with resurgent auras. Z has become the karmic Straw that Stirs the Martini for the Orange-and Black’s synonym-less mojo.

Even the down-to-earth Bruce Bochy described Barry as “quite the Houdini”. His performance in the last game of the season against the A’s was another one of his notable escape acts. But don’t worry, Giants fans. This is not the venue for one of those photo op Acts references.

Now for the evidence:

  1. The Giants avoided what would have been the first sweep by the A’s since inter-league play began in 1997.
  2. The Giants won the game 5-2, 5+2=7, assuring that the A’s would not extend their winning streak to 7.
  3. Zito held Oakland to a mere 1 for 7 with Athletics in scoring position.
  4. The Giants left 7 runners on base and struck out 7 times.
  5. The Orange-and-Black have been victorious in all 7 of Z’s starts at AT&T Park in 2013.
  6. The Panda made his 7th error of the year but was able to end his hitting slump at 7-for-44
  7. Their next opponent, the Cardinals, will face their 2012 Playoff nemesis at 20-7 for May

Eerie, isn’t it?