Giancarlo Stanton Really Likes Playing in New York

Published on 9-May-2017 by Raoul Duke

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Giancarlo Stanton Really Likes Playing in New York

Giancarlo Stanton has developed a disturbing habit of abusing baseballs.

These acts of random violence seem to occur quite frequently at Citi Field in New York.

Of course, this is where the Mets attempt to play baseball, so it's certainly understandable.

The Miami Marlins were in New York recently, and Stanton decided to do some more yard work at the expense of those degenerate Mets.

Dude hit two monstrous homers to left field in the Marlins 7-0 spanking of the Mets.


Of course, this is nothing new for Stanton, as he's enjoyed much success at Citi Field in his career.

Why, just last season, he ruined these two offerings from Jacob deGrom.

This dude doesn't exactly get cheated at the plate.

Here's two more from 2015:

He seems to enjoy peppering the upper deck.

The career totals at Citi Field are absurd.

Stanton now has six multi-homers games and 20 homers overall at this particular venue.

By the way, that would be the highest total for any visiting player at Citi Field.

You know what, let's look at some more distance jobs:

He does this sort of thing at other venues as well.