Freddie Freeman Doesn't Care for Miller Park

Published on 2-May-2017 by Raoul Duke

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Freddie Freeman Doesn't Care for Miller Park

Well, dude, tell us how you really feel.

It appears Freddie Freeman isn't the biggest advocate for Miller Park In Milwaukee.

The Braves' first baseman recently concluded a three game weekend set there, but his Yelp review isn't going to be particularly flattering.

Specifically, Freeman thinks the lighting there is rather poor, even going so far as to compare the 16-year-old edifice to a "bad-lit Little League field."

This really ungrateful house guest went on to compare Miller Park unfavorably to other retractable roof stadiums such as the one in Arizona.

His hurtful diatribe also included glowing praise for SunTrust Park in Atlanta.

Ironically, Freeman has actually hit rather well in Milwaukee, sporting a .250 average with five career homers.

He must've seen those balls reasonably well.

In fact, on Friday night, Freeman managed to do this:

Yep, that was Freddie hitting a two-run shot to the opposite field to give the Braves a 10-8 win over the Brewers.

That ball seemed properly lit.

In one more bit of irony, there actually is a Little League field located right next to Miller Park in the parking lot.

Perhaps the mean-spirited Freeman could take BP there on his next visit.