Fittingly, Trout Invents the Swim Slide

Published on 23-May-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Fittingly, Trout Invents the Swim Slide

Just when it seemed like Los Angeles Angels' megastar Mike Trout had completed a checklist of highlights in every possible baseball category this side of the Cy Young Award, he breaks new ground.

Or rather, he breaks in new ground.

Don't think anyone's ever seen a slide like this before:

But that's why MLB has replay now.

The only possible mentor Trout could've had for this maneuver was the Washington Capitals' Alexander Ovechkin:

That's sort of athleticism that separates the elites from everyone else.

Absolutely everyone else.

Trout has a perpetual green light, so no doubt he went on his own, which is the sort of decision best left to the professionals.

Most professionals, that is.

And it mattered. The play-by-play sheet shows Trout's being safe led to seven more runs in the inning, turning a close game with the Boston Red Sox into a rout.

Angels fifth inning vs Red Sox