Ex-Mates Like Uribe Make Fierce Opponents

Published on 19-Apr-2014 by Spock1

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Ex-Mates Like Uribe Make Fierce Opponents

With the birth of a new baseball season all of the tired old clichés that got worn out last year are born anew.

How tired?

How old?

How anew?

It depends on how much time is on one's hands.

Time flies when you're having fun, and Giants fans are having a splendid time to date in the young baseball season.

What a difference a year makes! This year the Orange-&-Black have an axe to grind, and boy, are they grinding away at their National League West competition from the get-go. Pablo Sandoval's contract year will hopefully give fans a look at some gaudy greed-driven numbers by its conclusion.

The Panda's salary drive in low gear out of the gate

I always knew it was a mistake for San Francisco to trade that Juan Uribe dude, especially to Los Angeles. Every time that the Dodgers meet the Giants, Uribe makes that clear in no uncertain terms. That deal must have left quite a scar upon his psyche.

But it just provides further proof to the mountain of already existing evidence that corroborates Spock1's Great Law:

When facing opposing teams that feature former teammates, guess who to watch out for?

The faces may change, but the song remains the same.