Ex-Card Scouting Director Learns: 1 Astros Hack = 46 Months

Published on 18-Jul-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Ex-Card Scouting Director Learns: 1 Astros Hack = 46 Months

On the bright side, disgraced St Louis Cardinal ex-scouting director Chris Correa should have no problem getting a prison job.

Dude should slide right into being the yard's softball commish.

Correa may have to slip a few candy bars or mackerels to the rec department's shot-caller, but he's got it to do it. And there's no salary cap on stir currencies.

He's just gotta wait until the Fed judge decides where he gets to spend most of the next 46 months that got slapped on his ass.

It could be worse.

After all, dude's a first-time offender and white-collar with a matching white skin. Checking the Fed guidelines ... wait for it ...

Yep. Club Fed has another camper.

Sure, it'll have its interesting moments ...


How Correa's career has come to this is beyond ridiculous.

This is supposed to be what it takes to hack something valued at $1.7million, which is now dude's restitution:

There was no real drama in this case.

Correa basically remembered Astros GM Jeff Luhnow's password from his days as Cardinals scouting director.

And as cerebral as Luhnow may be, none of it was evident in his choice of security for something a federal court would value at $1.7million.


Incredible. All this scenario is missing is Jonah Hill.


So, now the Commish must decide if this breach of law and ethics is Correa's responsibility alone or the Cardinals' front office in general for what what the NCAA likes to call a lack of institutional control.

Tricky distinction.

While MLB's sorting it all out, all Correa can do now is hope.

Like for the Department of Justice doing what government bureaucracy is known to do and mix up his prison assignment.