Diamondbacks Stage Base Running Clinic at Dodger Stadium

Published on 16-Apr-2018 by Raoul Duke

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Diamondbacks Stage Base Running Clinic at Dodger Stadium

OK kids, pay attention.

This is how not to navigate the basepaths in an MLB game.

The Arizona Diamondbacks provided this valuable public service in a recent game at Dodger Stadium.

Have a look at the dubious footage:


And we can't stress this enough.

Please do the opposite if you ever find yourself in a similar scenario.

Deven Marrero hit the blast, which barely cleared the wall in left-center.

It was pretty obvious that the ball had left the yard, and Marrero behaved as one should in a situation like this.

However, what precisely was Alex Avila thinking on first base?


For whatever reason, the Arizona catcher thought the ball had been caught and was scrambing back to first.

It's certainly prudent to be careful on the bases, but dude may have taken this principle to the extreme.


As a result, Marrero was credited with a most unusual two-run single, losing his home run.

We can only hope that justice will be swift and terrible in the D-Backs clubhouse.

Alex Avila must be punished.