Diamondbacks Out-Sock the Rockies; Claim Wild Card

Published on 5-Oct-2017 by Alan Adamsson

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Diamondbacks Out-Sock the Rockies; Claim Wild Card

By definition, the first rule of investing is what gives MLB's wild card winners inspiration.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

There are 12 wild card teams are prime examples, since they wound up making it to the World Series with six of them winning it.

And then there's Arizona relief ace Archie Bradley, a career .098 hitter by nature of his late-inning role keeping him away from the batter's box more often than not, providing arguably the key hit in the Diamondback's 11-8 victory over Colorado:

Damn. That looked more like a cricket swing ...

Off a slider, yet.

Maybe it was that extra base -- historic or not -- that sapped his pitches the next inning, as the Rox came roaring back to make the game close again.

But Arizona just kept churning:

It's good to see they've got a plan, too.

Whether or not the Diamondbacks become the seventh wild card team to hoist the World Series hardware, they're gonna be ready for the 2018 Winter Olympics:

Yin that yang, dudes.