David Ortiz Drops a Bomb of His Own

Published on 22-Apr-2013 by Tyler Scionti

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David Ortiz Drops a Bomb of His Own

Now that the fear surrounding the bombing suspects has subsided, Boston has begun the process of moving on in all aspects of life.

Aand how better to initiate that than welcome David Ortiz back to the Red Sox?

Big Papi is off to a hot start this season and will continue improving as he tries to return to his pre-injury form. While his 2-4 performance on Sat 20 April is certainly something to remember, it was vastly overshadowed by his impromptu speech before the Fenway Faithful.

In front of more than 30,000 at Fenway and thousands more watching on NESN, Ortiz scorched churchgoing ears when he dropped the Prime Word, live, for all to hear, summing up the sentiments of all of Boston in just one short sentence. Big Papi started out as expected, thanking Mayor Menino and Governor Deval Patrick, and then came his famous line.

"This is our f------ city and nobody is going to dictate our freedom! Stay strong!" Ortiz declared.

While many may have groaned when the Sox announced their two year-deal for Ortiz, despite his age, I think his hot start and strong sense of leadership well-deserved the contract he was given, at least for now. When asked how his expletive-laden speech was received, Ortiz responded that the fans appreciated his candid and straightforward sentiments. Now if he can just keep on hitting to back up his strong use of language.

Things are still far from over and back to normal here in Boston. News of federal trials and all sorts of complex laws now flood the airwaves, but with Big Papi back in his rightful place in the Sox lineup, there is hope in Boston that we can and will return to a sense of normalcy. Now, is swearing on national television in plain view of children something that should be done often? No, but it certainly did a lot to boost the morale of those watching the game and give the fans a little hope going forward.

Welcome back, David Ortiz! Keep hitting and keep supporting the people of Boston! God knows we need it right now.