Cubs Do Their Themed Road Trip Thing on the West Coast

Published on 27-May-2017 by Raoul Duke

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Cubs Do Their Themed Road Trip Thing on the West Coast

Joe Madden has never been accused of being conventional.

One of his many innovations is the always entertaining themed road trip.

He used to do this back in the Tampa days, but the Chicago Cubs get a bit more light shined on them nationally.

For their current West Coast swing, Madden and the gang decided to go with a 70's theme, specifically inspired by the cult classic Anchorman.

It's much more fun to actually dress up as characters from the film, a theory slugger Kyle Schwarber clearly agrees with.

Champ Kind for the win!

Sadly, Schwarber wasn't the only Champ, as the miserable John Lackey made an attempt as well.

Actually, that's not bad.

This brings us to first baseman Anthony Rizzo, who certainly embraced this 70's theme:

For our purposes, we'll pretend he's aping Brian Fantana.

Reportedly, Maddon passed out bottles of "Sex Panther" in the clubhouse in San Francisco, so clearly, no stone has been left unturned.

Other Cubs joined in on the fun, as well.

Maddon likes to keep them loose, and no one's arguing with the results.

Certainly not Ron Burgundy.

Wait until they get to San Diego.