Cody Bellinger Enjoys Some Summer Cycling

Published on 18-Jul-2017 by Raoul Duke

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Cody Bellinger Enjoys Some Summer Cycling

Baseball at the MLB level is quite challenging.

To even play the game competently is a chore, let alone become a star.

You wouldn't know this, though, by watching Cody Bellinger play ball.

The Dodgers rookie is making it look 'way too easy.

Here he is, completing the mystical cycle against Miami's Marlins:

Yeah, that's pretty okay.

Again, this dude is really making us mortals look kinda silly.

While the cycle is obviously an impressive feat, it's also somewhat arbitrary because of the fluky nature of baseball.

However, to accomplish this rare achievement in only his 72nd professional game is completely ridiculous.

In fact, he's the first rookie in Dodgers history to do it.

This franchise has only existed for a mere 128 years, so it's not a big deal, really.

If Bellinger can maintain his current pace, he may very well be riding a tandem cycle with the NL MVP award.