Cleveland Has Its Own Curse to Bury

Published on 11-Oct-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Cleveland Has Its Own Curse to Bury

Yes, 1908 was a long, long time ago.

But that's for the Cubbies to sort out.

It's not exactly like 1948 was just yesterday, either.

If you look close, you might see dinosaurs. You'll definitely see ghosts:

To have a shot at returning baseball joy to Cleveland, the Tribe had to deal with the Boston nine that still reside in New England.

With the BoSox' former manager -- and World Series winner -- Terry Francona at the helm, they did:

This isn't the way David Ortiz wanted his career to end, but at least he didn't go rogue on the occasion:

For everyone but Red Sox Nation, that's now rear-view mirror stuff.

This is Cleveland's moment, and they'll need two more of them if they're to join the ghosts of '48.