Chris Coghlan Literally Flies Home

Published on 28-Apr-2017 by Raoul Duke

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Chris Coghlan Literally Flies Home

Let's just dispel the silly myth that baseball players aren't the best athletes.

It's simply not true.

Recently, Chris Coghlan of the Toronto Blue Jays provided irrefutable evidence in St. Louis against the Cardinals.

Fortunately, there's actual video for the non-believers.

Holy hell, what was that?

Well, it appears that was Chris Coghlan defying the laws of physics and forcing us to question everything.

Yadier Molina was probably the most surprised.

The Cardinals veteran backstop was clearly not told that Coghlan would be upgrading to first-class on the flight.

Sadly, Molina remained in coach.

That is easily the most spectacular play of the young MLB season.

As for Molina, after adding this one to his résumé, dude leads MLB in viral video appearances this season.

The mind reels at the possibilities of more creative ways to score a run.

Perhaps dude could burrow under the earth next time.