Brokeback Mountain: Breaking It to A-Rod?

Published on 13-Mar-2013 by Bridgett Davis

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Brokeback Mountain: Breaking It to A-Rod?
So there I was, watching one of the worldwide leaders in sports, because sometimes, I just have no choice ...
When I casually cast my eyes at the ticker crawling across the bottom of the screen, I thought I saw  the names 'Doug Glanville' and 'Brokeback Mountain' in the same sentence.  I didn't exactly do one of those Looney Tunes sound-effects-enhanced double-takes, but it was close. At first, I was thinking, in this day and age, I hope he wasn't making a mindless homophobic slur. Not cool, and definitely not a good career move.
Then I realized that Glanville was talking about the Yankees-Cardinals spring training game, and made a mangled metaphor about the Yankees.
Glanville said "I mean, they have basically Brokeback Mountain over here. Everyone is hurt in some form or fashion."
So, apparently Glanville wasn't joking, nor was he being mean spirited. He is just ignorant. 
Glanville wasn't referring theYankees to a bunch of gay cowboys. He was trying to express the injury problem in a culturally vapid manner.
Next time, maybe Glanville should think about doing a Google or Bing on a movie before referencing it. Given the fact that it's Glanville, I'm fairly certain he wasn't even trying to make a comparison to the movie. He was just putting two words together and never realized how his viewers would draw the connection.
Let's give Glanville a break on this one. He hasn't been broadcasting long, and he just experienced a bad slip of the tongue.
Looking at the injury roster, This could indeed be a challenging season for the Yankees. Maybe the lowered expectations will lead to a famous line in the Glanville's least-known movie: