Braves Tell Top Prospect Acuña the Cap Makes the Man

Published on 27-Feb-2018 by J Square Humboldt

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Braves Tell Top Prospect Acuña the Cap Makes the Man

Come to think of it, no one's ever seen CC Sabathia or Fernando Rodney on the cover of GQ magazine.

However, they've popped up here and there in the playoffs.

And that's more than the Atlanta Braves can say in recent times.

Dudes have one of baseball's top prospects in Ronald Acuña, who's poised to be a key reason for them to be playoff-relevant again.


Those 13 games in The Show were a small sample size, but the stats are no joke. Acuña confirmed it in the Arizona Fall League -- where every MLB team sends seven of its best prospects -- and throughout his mercurial rise through the minors.


Acuña's undeniably a five-tool player.

However, Atlanta still has an issue with him.


This can only mean one thing.

Straighten the cap, kid.


Of course they're sure.

It's not like dude's white or anything.

Then, there's the business side of this overblown issue.

Perhaps the Braves are deploying the Kris Bryant gambit.


That makes more sense than a damn cap tilt.

Ken Griffey Jr would probably agree.


It was never a question that his Hall of Fame bust would feature a backwards cap.

It's also not a question that most millennial sports fans swagged a cap somewhere in their time. That happens to be a demographic that MLB -- and everyone else -- would kill to draw in high numbers.


'Nuff said.

Look for Acuña to arrive in Atlanta when the Braves have assured a free year of his rights.

And odds are nary a word will be said about the cap.