Braves Security Guard Attempts to Make a Child Cry

Published on 21-Jun-2017 by Raoul Duke

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Braves Security Guard Attempts to Make a Child Cry

Baseball, arguably more than any other sport, is decidedly kid-friendly.

MLB makes every effort to make the experience at the ballpark enjoyable for children.

Apparently, the security detail at SunTrust Park in Atlanta didn't get that memo.

Have a look at your employee of the month for May:

Just wow.

This dude sprang into action, hopping over the railing to detain the overzealous fan.

But that clearly wasn't enough.

Before escorting the fan from the premises, he paused to snatch the ball away from an excited child, who had been given the ball just moments before.

Who does that stuff, anyway? Oh, yeah. Right.

Well, in this dude's weak defense, he did only traumatize one child as opposed to an entire group.

Fortunately for all concerned, common sense prevailed as the Braves gave the scarred-for-life munchkin an autographed Freddie Freeman baseball.

Clearly, this is a better public relations alternative for the organization.

Actually, it seems the Braves are in the habit of employing security guards who take their jobs a bit too seriously.

Looks like someone is bucking for a promotion.