Blue Jays' Pillar Is a One-Man Outfield

Published on 29-Aug-2017 by Alan Adamsson

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Blue Jays' Pillar Is a One-Man Outfield

Long, long ago, esteemed sportswriter Pat Jordan perfectly summed up why we watch pro sports:

The game they play and the game we play,
it's not the same game.

That's a perfect description for the way the Toronto Blue Jays' Kevin Pillar not only plays center field, but the entire range of meadow surrounding it.

Dude's a walking web gem, waiting to make the next moment of greatness happen.

Like last night in TO was one of them, with Boston's Mookie Betts thinking extra bases

Maybe it was his catch of the year, or maybe his ivy-climbing feat in Wrigley was:

Prior to those, some were calling his skyward grab against Cleveland's José Ramírez the catch of the year:

Actually, dude's got this diving catch thing down to a science.

But wait for Catch No 1 in this montage. Pillar shows a bit of Batman to go with all the Superman efforts he's assembled in his career:

If Pat Jordan was still around today, he'd see that his words still ring true.