Blue Jays Ban Canadian Beer in Effort to Salvage Season

Published on 29-Aug-2013 by Sam Jankis

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Blue Jays Ban Canadian Beer in Effort to Salvage Season
The 2013 season began with much promise for the lone MLB team north of the border.
But with only a month left in the season, the Blue Jays sit last place in the AL East and will miss the postseason for the 20th year in a row. 
Facing an off-season of questions, team president Paul Beeston has enacted a somewhat controversial measure that he hopes will improve the performance of his team down the stretch: effective immediately Canadian beer will be banned from 
the clubhouse. 
Enjoying a cold pint on a hot summer’s day is a common baseball pastime, but it seems many players are not accustomed to the higher alcohol content of the local beers.
When reached by phone, Beeston provided the following explanation: “Just look at the Colorado Rockies; they drink nothing but Coors Light all year long. That’s 4.1% alcohol. Our clubhouse serves Molson Black Ice, which is 6.1%. You don’t think that 
2% makes a difference over 162 games?”
When asked what prompted the ban, Beeston pointed to an 11-game winning-streak  that the team enjoyed in mid-June.
“A week before we went on that run, the regular shipment of beer headed for the Rogers Centre was delayed due to a strike at the Molson facilities”, explained Beeston. “The players were left to drink Bud Light Lime during games, and for a while, we couldn’t be beat.”  
Beeston added the only way to enforce the ban is to remove Canadian beer throughout the stadium, including at concession stands. Fans are not responding well to that decision. 
“Our team sucks,” said one season ticket holder. “We pay good money to watch them lose every night, and we should be able to drink whatever we want.”