Andrew McCutchen Speaks the Truth about Basebrawls

Published on 19-Aug-2018 by Raoul Duke

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Andrew McCutchen Speaks the Truth about Basebrawls

Andrew McCutchen is quite simply a national treasure.

We have long suspected that baseball fights are nothing more than a testoterone-fueled ballet, but it took the brutally and humorously honest Cutch to confirm these suspicions.

The Giants and Dodgers actually do have some genuine bad blood between them, and this recently manifested itself through the combined hostilities of Yasiel Puig and Nick Hundley.

Please enjoy:


As you can see -- with the possible exception of Puig's bitch-slap -- this was your garden-variety baseball scuffle, complete with the requisite postering and gesturing.


But how do the actual combatants feel about this nonsense?

Fortunately, the always helpful Cutch is here to enlighten us lay people.


That dude is the best.


There are so many wonderful things in that fun little rant, including the whoosh sound effects and karate pose.

Also, the children's birthday party analogy should be chiseled on tablets for future generations.


Kids can be so demanding when they don't get cake or elaborate balloon bicycles.

The 2013 NL MVP is a fun-loving dude who just wants to play some ball.


If only it were that simple.