A-Rod to Sue MLB and the Players Union in Federal Court

Published on 14-Jan-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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A-Rod to Sue MLB and the Players Union in Federal Court

Alex  Rodriguez just can't seem to let it go.

After the courts ruled against him once again, he still plans on fighting his year-long suspension. And the question is, why?

The Yankees don't want him anymore. They made themselves perfectly clear on that matter, and the chances of any team taking him or his contract off New York's hands are slim and none. And Slim left town.

He continues to lie even through the evidence is piled high against him, and he continues to blame other people for something he did. Now, he's going to sue the players union for, I guess, not blindly backing him.

"It is unfortunate that Alex Rodriguez has chosen to sue the Players Association. His claim is completely without merit, and we will aggressively defend ourselves and our members from these baseless charges," said Tony Clark, a former player himself an now head of the union.

As if suing them is going to make them get in line! A-Rod continues to ignore the simple truth, which is, it's over. His career and reputation are done.

Even if he makes it back next year, he'll be 40 years old. Not many players his age are still playing the game. At least the disgraced Barry Bonds had the common sense to recognized after that his career was done once he wound up in court for PEDs. No one remembers the outcome, just that he admitted applying The Clear and that it wasn't Vaseline.

Alex, your career is over. It's done. You've tainted the game and your name. It's time to accept this, admit you were wrong, and retire with whatever's left of your shredded dignity. 

Some people don't know when to exit the stage. A-Rod is so insulated from reality that he's become one of them.