A-Rod's Working Out Daily at 3B for Some Reason

Published on 7-Jan-2015 by J Square Humboldt

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A-Rod's Working Out Daily at 3B for Some Reason

Give the dude credit.

Alex Rodriguez doesn't seem to be content with clipping coupons to get the $61million the New York Yankees still owe him.

And with Chase Headley acquired to play 3B, one would think A-Rod wouldn't do much infield work these days.

But he is. Because he wants to play 3B.

Time for a geek to weigh in with a few numbers that explain the Yankees' version of reality:

So, assuming all things are equal -- but slumps and injuries rarely are -- it seems like a PED-free A-Rod would have to play like Superman to dislodge Headley at the hot corner. And it seems like the Yankee management is solid on this point.

But return with us now, to the days of November, and yet another set of talk-jocks who clearly hang on everything uttered in Bomberdom, right down to verbal commas:

Simple. A-Rod is kryptonite. Among other things.