A-Rod = A-Fraud

Published on 25-Jul-2013 by Towner Park

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A-Rod = A-Fraud

Flash back to the 90s with me.

And no, not that kind of flashback! Those were the 60s and 70s!

Anyway, back in the 90s an up-and-coming phenom was zipping around the Seattle Mariner organization with freakishly raw power for such a young player.

At 20 years old, Alex Rodriguez and an older Ken Griffey Jr were lighting up the Kingdome with unworldly numbers. Seattle fans were overly ecstatic about the duo and the future that was to come with this amazingly productive and efficient tandem. Who would blame them? Almost every night, something memorable would come from either one or both of them. The State of Washington was in a daze...

Ken Griffey Jr retired from baseball the exact same way he entered it: A classy player with an endearing smile that all of baseball grew fond of. Phenomenal statistics even when injuries got the better of him. No controversies, ill-advised statements, or criticisms; just one hell of a player who produced a very productive career.

But what about his companion at the time, A-Rod?

A-Rod made his first free agency stop in Texas in 2001. He put up eye-popping statistics for a mediocre team in his three years there.

In 2004, he was traded to the Big Apple, with Rangers owner at the time eating most of his salary (which would soon prove to be part of his financial fall from grace). The lights, the glamor, the setting, this was A-Rod's spot. As his game grew, his ego grew as well. His constant need for attention started to surface and where better to exploit this than with the New York Yankees?

Constant scrutiny came from poor playoff performances to possible PED usage. In 2009, Alex finally admitted to using PED's after so much speculation. His career was tarnished. Yet, the Yankees stuck with him through it all.

Recently, the controversy surrounding Biogenesis has spread like a wildfire across media outlets. Everyone who is anyone in baseball is talking about those accused of being associated with this illegal PED manufacturer, and A-Rod is the poster child. Allegedly, with enough evidence for the MLB to reprimand him, A-Rod has started to backpedal. He's now accusing the Yankees of "conspiring to keep him off the field". He’s seeking medical advice without consulting the Yankee organization. He's shrinking like a turtle does when cornered.

A-Rod, your time is up!

Do us, the fans, a favor and retire. You have been dragging MLB through mud over the last several years, and you seem to not even care. You're rich, and if you've invested properly, you should have plenty to live on and then some for the remainder of your life. Everything that you do and say isn't genuine. As a fan, I don’t believe any or all apologies you have to offer.

You've been lying to us for years, and now, we're supposed to believe you? You've given us false hope when we all thought you were simply a clean player who was one of the most athletic and positive role models this game had to offer.

Listen, Alex. You're a fraud. And unfortunately, you simply won't walk away. Your career, whether or not an asterisk will be placed on it, will be forever remembered as a PED-infused mess. Barry Bonds walked away, and so should you. I'm tired of listening to everything you say and/or do on ESPN.

And while the Big Four Letter and other networks over-exposed you, it’s hard to believe you thought you could get away with hiding your habits.

Well, your time is up. We’re all waiting for the end game now. And it’s sickening to watch.

What could have been!