Bovada Introduces Zone Poker

Published on 19-Aug-2013 by Alan Adamsson

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Bovada Introduces Zone Poker

Bovada is taking the game you love and making it even better with the introduction of Zone Poker.

This exciting new game feature allows players to see more cards and play more hands, providing you with all the action you can handle.

With Zone Poker, you get to experience more of that excitement with less of the waiting between hands.

Zone Poker offers players a number of exciting features, such as table sliding animations and sound effects to show the rapidity of your placement in a new hand. Zone Poker also offers Check/Fold Now and Fold Now buttons, allowing players to fold their hands and move to a new table before the action is even on them.

Bovada is currently offering its players the feature of Zone Poker for cash games at No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em and No Limit Omaha-Hi tables.

With the fastest cards on the web, Bovada’s Zone Poker allows you to see more cards and play more hands like never before.

Once you grab your seat and the table is full of players, hang on for a ride that will get your heart racing as you experience the sort of fast-paced poker that only cyberspace can provide.

Click on the graphic below, open a Bovada account, and get in on the fun!