Woods Was the Waste at the Waste Management Open

Published on 2-Feb-2015 by Chips 10

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Woods Was the Waste at the Waste Management Open

To want not at the Waste Management Open means to win it.

For the record, that's what Brooks Koepka did in Phoenix this past weeked.

Still, as happens more often than not, if you checked the papers and viewed all the sports sites, you'd think that only Tiger Woods played in the tournament.

But he didn't play in it for long. These dudes did:

Again, that second-round 82 in the second round was Tiger's highest ever. Woods hasn't won a tournament since August 2013, when he won the Bridgestone Invitational. He hasn't won a major since the 2008 US Open.

I get it that when Woods plays, there are outstanding ratings. Viewers are either rooting for him to turn his misery around or rooting against him to keep it going.

Woods is rich, set for life, and most likely can date anyone he wants; sorry, Lindsey. However, to me, Woods is nothing but a loser.

When he was on top of the golf world, Tiger was nasty not only to everyone in the media and service industry, but also to everyone in his personal life, especially his wife. Now that he's fallen off the face of the golf world, he does interviews with everyone, follows his new love around, and comes off as an all-around great guy.

Obviously, I don't buy it.

In my mind, Tiger should just go away. Not even retire; just go away.

The Masters is coming, and all we'll hear is that Tiger may win it and whether he'll still catch Jack Nicklaus.

No, Tiger cannot win the Masters or any other major. Nicklaus' record will stand forever, and Woods will just become a memory of someone who was a great player, faded badly down the stretch, and was on the back page of the tabloids more often than the back page of the sports section.

So, Tiger is 0-for-1 this season in making the cut. He'll play in a few more events before the Masters.

I'm thinking we'll not see him win a major. It's better odds to see him in the tabloids immersed in another scandal while Vonn travels around the world breaking World Cup records.