Winning Isn't Everthing

Published on 28-Jul-2013 by Bridgett Davis

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Winning Isn't Everthing

Winning on the PGA Tour isn't easy and doesn't come often.

What would posses someone to walk away while in contention? 

Hunter Mahan was in prime position to capture his first PGA Tour victory of the year this weekend. He had just fired an impressive second-round 64, catapulting him into the lead. 

With the lead, it's hard to imagine anything keeping Mahan from the course.

Well, there are a few, and one was his wife going into labor.

That's when the mantra, "Winning isn't everything" came into play. The couple are expecting a baby girl, and Mahan knew he might have to abandon an event when the time came. So, when he got the call, he immediately withdrew from the tournament and headed to the airport.

Hunter Mahan has his priorities in order. If we put this in to perspective, last year's winner took home $936,000. It’s got to be difficult to walk away from that money -- even in the country-club-hopping PGA Tour -- but he's got kudos forever. 

He is currently the front-runner for Husband of the Year and Father of the Year awards.

Congratulations on the new addition to your family, Hunter!