Phil Mickelson Dressed for Success on the Course

Published on 12-May-2018 by Raoul Duke

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Phil Mickelson Dressed for Success on the Course

Phil Mickelson is an interesting dude.

The Players Championship began on Thursday, and Lefty was out there as per usual.

However, his wardrobe raised more than a few eyebrows.


Phil decided to sport a long sleeved, buttoned down dress shirt for the first round.


That shirt looks completely absurd on a golf course, but Phil somehow makes it work.

And why would he wear such a thing, particularly on a scorching hot day in Florida?



It seems Phil has inked an endorsement deal with a company called Mizzen+Main, which apparently gives him a stake in the company along with some mad loot.

Our favorite PGA tour insider trading enthusiast is really endorsing the hell out of these dressy performance shirts, going on and on about being able to wear them at a meeting and then play a round of golf without changing.


Indeed. That is one high performance shirt, although Lefty did miss the cut.

Never mind that Phil must have been pouring sweat into that thing.

Dude's gotta get paid.