Oosthuizen Bumps His Way to a Masters Ace

Published on 11-Apr-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Oosthuizen Bumps His Way to a Masters Ace

Who says golf isn't a contact sport?

There are holes-in-one, and then there are almost two holes-in-one with one swing.

After 80 years of Masters play, it's rare to witness something that's not happened before, but South African Louis Oosthuizen flaunted the odds and got it done.

And he was centimeters away from a feat that would have stood alone for eons:

Damn. When Swedish announcers get excited, it's definitely something special.

So's the 16th. At Augusta, it's a hole unlike any other.

With a pin placement that turns the green into a veritable funnel, it's no wonder the 16th has hosted 15 aces coming into this year's edition of the Masters.

In fact, prior to Oosthuizen's bump and run, there were two others earlier in Sunday's proceedings.

First up was Shane Lowry:

30 minutes later, Davis Love III took the same flight path:

Still, they've all got a ways to go to top Vijay Singh's water-skipper during a practice round in 2009:

And of course, he did it at the 16th.