Nightmare on Els Street: Ernie 6-Putts from 2 Feet

Published on 8-Apr-2016 by J Square Humboldt

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Nightmare on Els Street: Ernie 6-Putts from 2 Feet

We watch sports to see elite athletes do things that most of us can't do.

However, what seasoned veteran Ernie Els did on his first hole at this year's Masters is up for debate.

It's just possible that most of us can't do this, either:

Six-putt on a flat green from two feet away.

Even for duffers -- including drunk duffers -- that's a tough feat to accomplish.

Seriously, it'd take work.

Afterward, Els said the cause was he came down with a case of the yips:

It's unexplainable. A lot of people have stopped playing the game, you know. It's unexplainable. I couldn't get the putter back.

If so, maybe he should've taken a deeper breath and gone to a happy place:

Still, that doesn't always work for everyone.

In that case, give this drastic grip a try:

If this doesn't work, start taking two-foot gimmes and go directly to the 19th hole.