Jimmy Walker Red Letter Day at Baltusrol: Wins PGA Title

Published on 31-Jul-2016 by J Square Humboldt

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Jimmy Walker Red Letter Day at Baltusrol: Wins PGA Title

Probably more than any other sport, there's a superfine line between the top-ranked golfer and, say, the dude listed at No 64.

The WGC Match Play event adds weight to that point.

So the appearance of an under-the-radar linkster like Jimmy Walker in a tour final wouldn't exactly be a shock.

In fact, dude was ranked No 48 until this happened:

So, there it was, a wire-to-wire win and a jump to No 15 on the world list.

PGA Championship leaderboard

Walker's triumph completes a first-timer sweep this year of golf's four major tournaments. A refresher:

Clearly, they've now secured a place for themselves in the annals of golfing lore.

Walker outdueled Jason Day and the weather, as well as rising above the usual assortment of incredible moments that occur in events of this magnitude:

And if anyone doubts that the ghost of that ol' Dutchman, Baltus Roll, still wanders these grounds, they won't convince John Senden:

Think of it as a hand wedge from another dimension.