Jason Day Sports Retro Air Jordans at British Open

Published on 26-Jul-2017 by Raoul Duke

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Jason Day Sports Retro Air Jordans at British Open

First of all, congrats to Jordan Spieth, winner of the 2017 British Open.

There, now we can focus on more important matters.

Specifically, Jason Day and his major championship footwear selection.

On Thursday, the Australian decided to open his round wearing a pair of retro Air Jordans.

Well sir, to answer your question ...

Those are breathtaking.

However, some in the golfing public felt differently.

Oh, take a pill, dude.


Well, taste is subjective, sirs.

This isn't the first time Day has gone the unconventional route with his footwear.

The Cleveland Cavaliers enthusiast once wore these custom shoes during a tournament:

By the way, Day shot 69 in the opening round with the retro look, but then followed that up with an ugly 76 before finishing tied for 27th place.

It probably wasn't the shoes.