Angry White Dude: Golf Is a Funny Sport

Published on 28-Aug-2018 by Larry Cory

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Angry White Dude: Golf Is a Funny Sport

For someone who stands outside the sport and watches how it is presented to the public, I've come up with a very simple deduction.

Golf is a funny sport.

Golf spends a lot of time telling the public who might play in next week's event.

They're not too concerned about who's signed on to be there and participate.


They spend very little time talking about the playerswho are there and ready.

Seems very strange to me.

They never tell you who's winning the event. Instead, they focus in on one player who's always losing the event.

  • What hole is he on?
  • What's his score?
  • How's his back?
  • Did he just wince in pain?
  • What color is his shirt?
  • How many shots back is he?


After the event's over, TV shows highlights of the person who lost to lead off their shows.

The winner appears to be an afterthought. They interview the loser and hang on his every word, trying to get him to say if he will be playing in the next event.

Hey, golf, who won?


Broadcasters are basically cheering for one player every week.

In other sports, the announcers stay pretty unbiased, but not in golf.


Dont even get me started about show hosts.

I can see any one of them asking a certain golfer to marry them. Man crush to the max. Sad and creepy all rolled into one.

Golf spends so much time telling you about the second best golfer of all time, that people just might forget that he is still chasing the greatest golfer of all time: Jack Nicklaus.


Yes people, golf is a very funny sport!