Farmers Open Goes to a Playoff; Tiger Goes Home Encouraged

Published on 28-Jan-2018 by J Square Humboldt

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Farmers Open Goes to a Playoff; Tiger Goes Home Encouraged

It's not like everyone got what they wanted, but as the Stones sang, they got what they needed.

  • The Farmers Insurance Open got a surge in crowds;
  • The final round produced a three-way tie for first;
  • The playoffs are gonna extend to Monday; and
  • Tiger Woods played consistently for the entire tournament.

Dude had a hella lotta two-shot sequences like this:


It gave him extended practice in getting outta trouble, and he had to be encouraged by the fact that -- more often than not -- he did.

While Woods was displaying his rarely acknowledged propensity for grinding, the tourney's leaders were making their own cases for shaping shots under pressure.

All except ball-stallin' JB Holmes, that is, but karma had already struck. Dude was outta the leading group.

Finally, the title chase gets the spotlight all to itself.

  • Jason Day is seeking his first tour victory since 2016, and
  • Alex Noren is trying to earn his first tour victory, period.

And for the record, here are the highlights of Tiger's fourth round:


Dude's flair for the dramatic is back, too.

Tiger managed to show twice in the event's top five shots:


So, it seems dude's worked his way back to being average on the PGA tour.

And that's a complement.