Bogus Tommy Fleetwood Receives Large British Open Deposit

Published on 9-Aug-2018 by Raoul Duke

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Bogus Tommy Fleetwood Receives Large British Open Deposit

Boy, those European Tour officials are really on top of things.

It appears there was a sizable misallocation of funds involving Tommy Fleetwood, and, well ...Tommy Fleetwood.

Color us confused.


Apparently, that crack staff at European Tour headquarters confused professional golfer Tommy Fleetwood with Florida teaching pro Thomas Fleetwood.


As a result of this perfectly reasonable error, the 154,480 clams that the authentic Fleetwood earned at the British Open was deposited into the account of the much less successful Fleetwood.

Here's some documentation for any skeptics out there.



The fake Fleetwood actually played on the Euro Tour many moons ago, which is why his name was listed in the sacred scrolls.

But still, where's the quality control?


Even more disturbing is the fact that the actual Fleetwood hadn't even noticed that this sizable deposit was missing from his account.


Yeah, the oversized check would've been easier for all concerned.

Anyway, the 11th-ranked Fleetwood is currently competing in the 2018 PGA Championship, so hopefully, he'll fare well and we can maybe get a piece of that sweet action.