18 Years Later, Another 21-Year-Old Challenges the Masters

Published on 9-Apr-2015 by J Square Humboldt

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18 Years Later, Another 21-Year-Old Challenges the Masters

Bobby Jones retired from golf at 28.

He raised a bit of dosh and created Augusta National to host an exclusive tournament, and the Masters was born in 1934.

It stood the test of time, challenging the world's best, until Tiger Woods came along.

That was in 1997, when he was 21 and had all the trappings of a phenomenon.

Because he was.

Those were the days. Fluff was his caddy. Butch Harmon was his coach. And he was the only one swinging a club.

Times have changed.

Needless to say -- as Muddy Waters would -- he's now 'way past 21.

Well, Tiger's still around, and golf is thankful for that. But now there's a new 21-year-old in town, and he's leading the Masters at the quarter pole with a near-record round.

This is largely because what Tiger used to do in major events, Spieth is now doing in major events. For example, here he is on the 14th:

Very few players go wire-to-wire to win the Masters. Only four have done it:

Craig Wood - 1941 Jack Nicklaus - 1972
Arnold Palmer - 1960 Raymond Floyd - 1976

There's obviously a long way to go, but the way he's been playing this year and last, Spieth has a fair shot at joining this illustrious quartet.

First things first -- like 72 more holes at Augusta -- but Spieth is the next in line to dominate leaderboards all the way until he's 'way past 21.