Angelique Kerber Gets Super Catty at the Miami Open

Published on 26-Mar-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Angelique Kerber Gets Super Catty at the Miami Open

Things got extremely daytime TV at the prestigious Miami Open this weekend.

The 4th-ranked lady tennis player on the planet and fully formed adult person Angelique Kerber lost to teenager Bianca Andreescu for the second time in a week, something she was having a difficult time processing.

After the match ended, the traditional net handshake turned into a bitch festival, courtesy of the 31-year old Kerber.

See if you can identify the exact moment Kerber morphs back into an infant:


Yes, you heard that correctly.

Kerber called her young foe the biggest drama queen ever while slapping her hand with complete disdain.

Well, she's just a great big meanie.


While Andreescu certainly didn't try to make fetch happen, she did gamely play through a pre-existing arm injury that at one point early in the match necessitated a medical timeout.

However, it appears that Kerber felt she was carrying on a bit too much by taking the perfectly legal timeout and having the trainer check on her several other times during the match.


Afterwards, Kerber received some negative feedback on her behavior and made a desperate cyber-attempt at some semblance of sportsmanship.


However, one of her tennis brethren immediately called bullshit.


The optics got even worse when Andreescu was forced to withdraw in the middle of her next match due to a shoulder injury.

Obviously, Little Miss Thing wasn't getting enough attention after beating Kerber.


Big faker.