The San José Sharks Just Gave Us a Buzzer Beater Drenched in Drama

Published on 23-Jan-2019 by Raoul Duke

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The San José Sharks Just Gave Us a Buzzer Beater Drenched in Drama

Last-second shots that just beat the horn are always great fun, the losing team not withstanding.

They're even more entertaining in hockey, as they're usually quite sudden and chaotic.

We were treated to one of these bad boys recently in DC.

The visiting San José Sharks were down one goal to the host Capitals very late when this happened:


That was definitely Evander Kane putting the puck in the net with literally one second left on the clock, much to the surprise of pretty much everyone.

Of course, these theatrics were significantly aided by a complete lack of backside awareness on the part of the Capitals.


This simply shouldn't happen, but indeed it did, tying the game and forcing the extra session.

The apparently disoriented Capitals then soiled themselves yet again:


Perhaps this was inevitable, given the circumstances that forced OT in the first place, but that's just not very good.


While a 7-6 final certainly qualifies as a real shootout, the utter disinterest from both teams in even pretending to play defense is troubling.

In addition to the hat trick from Sharks hero Tomáš Hertl, the lovely and talented Alex Ovechkin also scored thrice.


No hangover there.