The NHL Trade Deadline Works in Strange Ways

Published on 27-Feb-2019 by Biff BoJock

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The NHL Trade Deadline Works in Strange Ways

Once upon a time, the Boston Bruins' version of Loki got done for a cheap hit.

OK, Brad Marchand's been suspended for many cheap hits, but now, one of them in particular had a chance to move into Awkward Alley.

This one has to do with a high elbow on New Jersey's Marcus Johansson just over a year ago:


Reputation. Right.

Marchand's so smooth in his application of the dark arts that there never was a penalty on the play.

The NHL's disciplinary dudes, though, thought there shoulda been and suspended him for five games.


Johansson was still not amused and said so in no uncertain terms:


Of course, what happens at the trade deadline this season?

The Devils ship the Swedish center to Boston.


The Bruins are in the hunt for a Cup, so it was up to Marchand to act quickly, and he did.


It's still not certain if Marchand can go out in the daylight without disintegrating.

The positive for Johansson in all this -- besides going to a contender -- is he won't have to worry about being clocked from the blindside by Marchand for the immediate future.

Dude's first game was Boston's 4-1 victory over San José, and he showed why the Bruins made this move:


Matched with David Krejci and Jake DeBrusk, Johansson's line acquitted itself quite handsomely.

Another Swede who was moved at the deadline had a good first night that then ended badly.

The New York Rangers trading Mats Zuccarello to Dallas was beyond upsetting to longtime bud Henrik Lundqvist, but the Stars immediately saw him advance the cause with a goal and an assist:


Until it didn't.

Later in the game, this is how he broke his arm:


Dude's outta action for a month.

While Boston's virtually a lock for the playoffs, Dallas is clinging to the second wild-card position by one point over the Avalanche at the moment, with the Arizona Coyotes only another point behind Colorado.


The Stars can relate.

So can Marchand.