Stanley Cup: Blues Blindside Bruins, Convert It into 3-2 Series Lead

Published on 7-Jun-2019 by J Square Humboldt

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Stanley Cup: Blues Blindside Bruins, Convert It into 3-2 Series Lead

Amidst his transgressions -- and there were many -- disgraced president Richard M Nixon nailed it with one of the most profound summations of human existence:

There are things in life that just aren't fair.

More often than not, it's the response to adverse occasions that dictates a big picture's outcome.


Unfortunately for them, this is not the approach Boston's Bruins took during a certain moment of the third period in Game 5.

Dudes thought they had a call, didn't, and their slight hesitation because of it likely cost them the winning goal in the St Louis Blues' 2-1 victory to more them within a triumph of their first-ever Stanley Cup:


Cam Neely is a Bruins legend, of course. From the looks of that toss, maybe after Ulf Samuelsson's infamous slash on his wrist, he shoulda opened up a conversation with the Red Sox.

His reaction's understandable. Coach Bruce Cassidy's after the game was not, putting the blame on Blues coach Craig Berube's comments about the refs after Game 3.

But blaming others is weak, and he should know it.


The Blues had something similar happen to them at a crucial time in the Dallas series -- the just-as-controversial non-call on a Stars' hand pass that led to the game-winning goal -- but they got it outta their system and kept going.

After all, you can only control what you can control, and playoff hockey offers a minimum of 60 minutes to do so.

The Blues didn't lose a game to Dallas after that, which is one reason why they're here.


What's more, talk to anyone who was around for Old School, and they'll tell you refs routinely swallowed whistles in the third period of playoff games. It was their way of letting players settle it.

Clearly, some still do it.


The chances were there both both sides, and Boston had more by a 39-21 count.

St Louis looked 'way too conservative, but thanks to Jordan Binnington, it didn't cost them.


Putting it mildly, the barn's gonna be rockin' in St Louis for Game 6.

If there was ever a time for the Bruins to put the past behind them and focus, it'll be then.