Is the Singularity Upon Us?

Published on 13-Dec-2017 by J Square Humboldt

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Is the Singularity Upon Us?

Teamwork is a wonderful thing.

And when everyone on that team is in rhythm, it's a spectacular sight.

Frankly, it's also weird.

What you're about to see has nothing to do with choreography, though. Ironically, it has everything to do with random actions.

Take a look at what happened recently when the Florida Panthers were in town to take on the Chicago Blackhawks.

From all accounts, Brent Seabrook and Nick Bjugstad are not twin cousins separated by different parents. There is no psychic connection between them.

And yet ...

Now, just in case you're ready to dismiss this as a once-in-a-galaxy happening, the Phoenix Suns would dare to differ.

Here they were approximately a month ago:

There's a perfectly good explanation for all this.

Just know it goes down better after a serious session with your favorite quality adult beverage.

So there.

Yes, the chaos theory concept can still be overwhelming ...

But to date, there's still no evidence out there that indicates Mike Keenan getting fired by the KHL's Kunan Red Star Dragons will cause John Tortorella and his Columbus Blue Jackets to win the Cup.

It just looks less weird when cradling a quality adult beverage.