Coyotes Trade the Only All-Star Captain Who Matters

Published on 16-Jan-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Coyotes Trade the Only All-Star Captain Who Matters

So how long has this been in the works?

Did Montréal draw the short straw at the NHL league offices or something?

The Canadiens are indeed on a bummer run right now -- 3-7 in their last 10 -- but does a trade for an enforcer seem to be the piece that they've been missing?

Especially this enforcer:

What? Weren't the Arizona Coyotes confident that burying the Pacific Division's All-Star captain in the AHL would be enough to keep him from going to Nashville?

Did the NHL suits think public pressure on the 'Yotes to re-call Scott so he could attend would be too embarrassing?

McKenzie tweet re John Scott

All that's missing is the grassy knoll.

Everyone gets it. Scott went viral. This wasn't like half a nation of Latvians backing their homey. This isn't even a damn Hall of Fame vote. This isn't even a game that anyone takes seriously, not even for a $1million purse. Hell, divided 11 ways, that's not enough for the winners to make an extra call to their tax advisors.

And no one can say this vote was hijacked. How can any vote be anything more than a promotion when every IP address gets to submit ten ballots?

For the record, here's the deal that was orchestrated: