Angry White Dude: This Is What It's Come To

Published on 4-Mar-2019 by Larry Cory

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Angry White Dude: This Is What It's Come To

So, this is where the NFL combine's at right now:

It seems that ...

  • how fast you run,
  • how much you weigh,
  • how you throw the football, and
  • how smart you are doesn't matter at all. 


This is 2019, and do you know how they determine if you're going to be a great NFL quarterback?

They measure your hands!


C'mon, now.

I'll give you another second to gather yourself.


For the record, little Kyler Murray's hands measured 9½ inches, and that made his stock in the upcoming draft skyrocket.

You cant make this stuff up, people.


Because of his hand size, the Sooner who declared later went from maybe being the first QB taken in the draft to being the first overall pick!

Get a grip, dudes!

And of course, Murray won't be throwing at the combine. I mean, he is a QB, but why would he want to try and impress anyone by throwing a football? After all, for goodness sakes, he has big hands!


Case closed. 

Rookie of the year! MVP! Multiple Super Bowl wins ... all in one season! Hall of Fame!

Dude's got big hands!


I'll bet the Steelers wish they would've measured Kordell Stewart's hands! I wonder if the Cowboys measured Quincy Carter's hands!

Daunte CulpepperBryan LeftwichVince Young?

Remember Akili Smith? Of course not. 


Andre Ware? Get real.

If only the Radiers had measured JaMarcus Russell's hands!

Quick, someone get the tape measure and let's get Tom Brady in here and see how he'll do as a pro QB!


Who makes this crap up, anyway? Oh yeah, right. People who never played football. 

I hope you're not buying into this. It's sad ... very sad.

No wonder ESPN's ratings for NFL coverage sucked.


See that? Gymnastics! I wonder if anyone there had big hands?

You never were gonna see Murray throw a football during the NFL combine. Why would he? Dude's got big hands! Case closed. 

Yes, it has come to this.